About Us

We here at simple tools are all about understanding what small companies and individuals struggle with everyday and coming up with simple tools to overcome these problems. Tell us your problem and maybe we can come up with a solution.

We heard you

Our nonprofit partners told us they only need a handful of everyday, useful tools and they need these tools to be easy to use.

They also requested that entering data is intuitive and fast.

We heard you!

Where is my report?

Finding the data when you need it is nearly impossible! Each app has their own way to save data, their own directory , their own format… The data may be in the cloud, on your laptop or on your smartphone…

There is no simply no easy way to get what you need in a moments notice.

We heard you!



Simple starts with the user interface….

  • Big Buttons
  • Large Print
  • Plain English

    Plain English (or layman’s terms) is a style of communication that uses easy to understand, plain language with an emphasis on clarity, brevity, and avoidance of overly complex vocabulary.

    We do that!

  • The Truck


    For quick entry, you need your reports to embed links so that you can quickly

  • add another another entry
  • edit an existing entry
  • delete an entry
    In addition, each function (Such as Reminders, To-do list, Save a thought, Had a meeting, etc.) needs to have quick links to launch the tool and even pre-fill some of the data,

    We do that!

  • Delivery


    Sure, it has to be easy to use the tool and enter data, but using the reports is just as important.

    All the information in the reports need to be sorted (either by date or alphabetically) and also grouped so that information can be found quickly.

    We do that!


    Getting back to basics means thinking about a typical day and what needs to get recorded and used.

    These are things like:

  • Creating a reminder that will remind me about things 1 week as well as 1 day before.
  • Saving my thoughts for later. I could be brainstorming over lunch, just want to save a mental note to myself or just keeping track of something throughout the day.
  • If you like lists, you must include a to-do list feature into the tool.
  • Meeting notes are a must. I don’t need some fancy, complicated CRM, just let me tell you a name, a business and record any important notes and mark what needs a follow-up.

    We do that!