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We all need simple tools to help us organize our day, set goals and remember things. After all, on the average, about 80% of everything you learn in any given day is forgotten.


  • A Note to Myself
  • A Brainstorm Idea
  • A Business Note
  • A Personal Note
  • Keep Track of Something
  • Other
  • Setup Reminders

 Some of my best ideas come while I am driving, lying in bed, or even while watching tv. At a press of a button, my ideas are saved-sorted and reported. So simple and so convenient!

I like to remember peoples names and a little about them after a conversation. This tool allows me to quickly capture a few seconds of information and then I am off and running. I even printout that part of the report and throw it into my glovebox for later.

I just like the tool to keep track of all my prayer request and things I am thankful for. It’s cool to look back and see how many prayers are answered.

Call me crazy, but I use this tool to keep track of __fill-in-the-blank__.

I like to use it to keep track of books I read , ATM withdrawals and how much we spend on groceries.

I use it to remember when was the last time for the dentist/doctor and eye-doctor for the kids. I also use this tool to keep track of the entire families social security numbers.

I love the 1 week and 1 day reminders. It takes 2 seconds to click the button and describe what I want to be reminded about. It truly is a tool I use EVERYDAY!