A Simple Online Tool That Automates the Collecting, Sorting and Reporting of Information To/From a Group.

Our tool will request information (or just make announcements) via a group email. Our email will include your question and a link for each individual, where answers will then be collected, sorted and then reported back to you.

Group Pack Tool

A simple url link for each group member allows this tool to capture any information you want from them – The tool organizes the information for you and sends your group a report, seconds after each entry.

An archive of all entries are also put into a spreadsheet for your use.

What information is helpful for your organization?

  • Answer’s to Posed Questions
  • Daily Activity Summary
  • Customer Meeting Notes
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Stories
  • New Contacts
  • Use your imagination….

The tool always allows members of the group to add comments/information at later dates. Theses additional comments are grouped together with the original subject matters or meeting notes.

Group Pack Features

(1 – 8 People in a Group)

Make A Group Announcement without opening your Email - Auto-Sent to Group

Make A Request For Whatever Information You Can Dream Up - Auto-Sent to Group

Responses From Group Members Are Organized-, Auto-Collected and Auto-Reported
Automated Reports

Capture Group Meeting Notes - Auto-Sent and Auto-Reported
Automated Reports

Any member of the Group may add comments to published meeting notes - Auto-Collected and Auto-Reported
Automated Reports

ALL ENTRIES ARCHIVED - Auto-collected and put into a spreadsheet
Archive Of All Entires

Create Group Reminders - Auto-Sent - 1 week & 1 day before reminder date

A Month / per person

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