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Incredible time saver!

My team may send me 10 different emails when they respond to a question of mine or when I am trying to gather their ideas.

I no longer have to search through my emails for all of these answers, in preparation for a team meeting.

This tool quickly gathers their responses, groups them together, sorts them by person or date and then gives me a nice, clean report!

As an added bonus, the data stays in the report – month after month – until I say to delete it.Nonprofit Director

Fun, Fun tool with so many great uses for our team!

I like how it gives each team member a link to collect any kind of information we want.

We have never had a better way to communicate with one another – Good ideas are never lost or forgotten!

A Simple Online Tool That Automates the Collecting, Sorting and Reporting of Information From a Group.


“Love how a touch of a button, sends out meeting notes, collects the team’s comments and auto creates a report (pdf file).”

“HUGE time saver!”


Email is so inefficient for managing the day to day group activities.

  • Not convenient to open up my email program when I am not in front of my laptop.
  • A pain to enter to enter in all the email addresses each time I send out a piece of communication.
  • Font is too small to deal with when I create emails with my phone.
  • I don’t get all the responses back at the same time so I have to use search to find them all.
  • Sometimes I miss a response because they sent me multiple emails.
  • It is hard to pull all their responses into a report for a follow-up meeting. I often just print out the 6 or 7 emails.

No need for you to send out your own email to the team. Our tool will request information (or just make announcements) via a group email. Our email will include your question and a link for each individual, where answers will then be collected, sorted and reported back to you.