Simple Lead Management Tool!

A simple online tool that automates the collecting, sorting, reporting and archiving of your customer leads.

  • Address Book

    Online capture of organization | names | emails | phone #s, about, etc. Entries are available in both a report format as well as a spreadsheet.
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  • Tag Your Contacts

    Tag each contact as either New | Hot | Warm | Cold | Customer | Archive
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  • Capture Meeting Notes

    Add meeting notes to your contact with a simple click on the contact name.
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  • Clean, Organized Reports

    On demand – pick from over a dozen clean, organized reports – Select either a summary or detailed version.
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  • Reminders

    Create a reminder. You will receive two email reminders of the date/description of the event. One, a week before and also one, the day before the event.
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  • BONUS TOOL: Capture Your Thoughts

    You have nearly 3,000 thoughts an hour. Save some of your thoughts for later. A report will be sent to you with your thoughts organized into topics.
    What will you think of next?

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MySimpleTools – Your Thoughts

Save your thought into a category:

My Journal People
I Heard This Place
I Had an Idea Thing
Needs to Get Done Thinking About Work
A Random Thought Thinking About Home
Important Stuff Other – Create your own category

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