Reporting Information

Group or Individual Tools

A simple online tool that automates the collecting, sorting, reporting and archiving of information to/from a group In real-time.

Group Tool Pack

  • Group Announcements

    After the initial setup, a user is able to send a message to all members of the group without ever opening their email.
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  • Group Inquiry

    Dream up any question or any information you want and the inquiry will go the group. The group members responses will be captured, sorted, reported and archived.
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  • Organized Reports

    A simple, clean report that first groups your data, then sorts it, is emailed to you after each tool entry. In addition, all your entries are saved into a spreadsheet for your use or archiving of the data.
    See sample report here!

  • Meeting Notes

    The tool allows you to create and title lists. This is most often used to capture meeting notes & action items. The lists are auto-sent to the group for additional comments.
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  • Group Feedback

    As group members receive a report, they can add comments to the report by clicking on their name. These comments are tagged with their name/date and added to the reports.
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  • Reminders

    You have the option to create a group reminder or an individual reminder. You will receive two email reminders of the date/description of the event. One, a week before and also one, the day before the event.
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  • Relationship Management (CRM)

    Capture names | emails | phone #s and attach meeting notes. Quickly add additional meeting notes to a report with a simple click on the contact name. Tag your note to generate either a weekly or monthly reminder to follow-up.
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I love, love, love how everything I want to know is at my fingertips. In every email I get a simple report – all my stuff put into groups – sorted by topic, then date or alphabetically. I also get an archive of all my entries in a spreadsheet too.



    Capture Your Thoughts

    You have nearly 3,000 thoughts an hour. Save some of your thoughts for later. A report will be sent to you with your thoughts organized into topics.
    What will you think of next?

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MySimpleTools – Your Thoughts

Simple tool to organize your thoughts:


My Journal People
I Heard This Place
I Had an Idea Thing
Needs to Get Done Thinking About Work
A Random Thought Thinking About Home
Important Stuff Other



Per Month
  • 1-Group Leader
  • 1- Group Member
  • Note: Group Leader & Group Member are the same person for the demo. (You)
  • Rapid Entry
  • Organized Reports – pdf file
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